Pricelist PANELS

Stock Panels

Most panels, brackets & rust repair kits are usually available ex stock, however if an item is temporarily out of stock we can generally manufacture and despatch within 14 days. If you don't see what you need in our list, remember, we can also make to sample.

Please note all prices shown are inclusive of GST, but DO NOT include P & P.

All orders require a minimum deposit of 50% at the time of order placement, with the balance due prior to despatch, or on pick-up. Sorry, no cheques. Cash on pick-up, or prior by Direct Deposit or Pay Pal.

Product Description Qty. Required Price
Battery Box Repair component 1 US$ 80.00
Boot Floor Pan 1/2 Panel Repair section 1 US$ 125.00
Boot Floor Pan Full Panel 1 US$ 340.00
Boot Gutter Rust Repair Kit (1) Includes fitting tips 5 Pieces US$ 190.00
Boot Gutter Repair Kit (2) Everything US$ 485.00
Bulkhead Facia Engine Compartment 1 US$ 55.00
Chassis Rail (Panel only) All Saloons except RME Pair US$ 28.50
Mudguard edge channel As reqrd. 9.50 / 6' length
Off Side Front Floor Panel Model to be confirmed 1 US$ 60.00
Near Side Front Floor Panel " " " " 1 US$ 45.00
Rear Seat Back Panel 1 US$ 285.00
Rear Seat Cushion Panel 1 US$ 240.00
Rear Floor Pan (Complete) Drophead 1 US$ 850.00
Rear Floor Pan (Complete) Saloon 1 US$ 850.00
Rear Mudguard Support Panel 2 US$ 80.00
RMA Bonnet Side Panel Right / Left side 1945--1949 Pair US$ 230.00
RMA Bonnet Side Panel Right / Left side 1950--1955 Pair US$ 180.00
RMB Bonnet Side Panel Right / Left side 1945--1949 Pair US$ 195.00
RMB , F. Bonnet Side Panel Right / Left side 1950--1954 Pair US$ 85.00
RMA <B<D, F> Front Apron Panel 1 US$ 42.50
RME Front Apron Panel 1 US$ 48.20
RMC Front Apron 2 US$ 180.00
RMC Rear Apron Pair US$ 240.00
Scuttle Assembly Kit Without Body Mount Panels 11 Pieces US$ 780.00
Scuttle Assy. Complete (Kit) 15 Pieces US$ 100000.00
Scuttle Assy. (Assembled) W/out mount panels. Painted 1 US$ 1250.00
Scuttle Assy. Complete (Assembled) 1 US$ 1650.00
Tool Box 1 US$ 50.00
Toe Board Panels 2 US$ 80.00
Scuttle Body Mount Panels 2 US$ 200.00
Wheel Arch Repair Section 75.00 ea
Wheel Arch Front Leg Repair Section 95.00 ea

Sections are generally primed in your choice of Acrylic or 2 Pack. They can be painted in top coat if required and appropriate. (ie, they don't need to be welded. This incurs additional costs available upon application at the time of ordering. Note, prices do not include transport, bear this in mind for larger components. We are able to deliver within Vic. for a reasonable cost.

Product Description Qty. Rquired Price
Bonnet Support Brackets Front (Small) 2 US$ 48.00
Bonnet Support Brackets Rear Long) 2 US$ 52.00
Bonnet Center Panel Mount Rear 1 US$ 30.00
Boot Floor Edge Support Boot Entrance 1 US$ 80.00
Boot Floor Support Brackets Large 2 US$ 54.00
Boot Floor Support Brackets Small 2 US$ 42.80
Chassis Rail Brackets Front 2 US$ 18.00
Chassis Rail Brackets Center 2 US$ 24.50
Dash Frame Corner Brackets 1951 on 2 US$ 20.00
Front Mudguard Stays All except RME 2 US$ 90.00
Front Chassis Extension Support Plate Up to 1952 1 US$ 85.00
Windscreen Frame Corner Brackets Stainless Steel 4 + 16 C/S screws US$ 46.00

Components are available in 2 Pack or powder coat. Also, see notes above re delivery.